Could we travel to another star?

Travelling to another star may sound like an absolute impossibility right now and in truth, it is quite impossible process. The good news however is that the nature of engine technology and rockets are starting to improve. Although we may not be able to travel to another star currently we may find the tools to improve our progress in the future.

In our current state of technology, here's what we know about visiting the nearest star and planetary system to our own solar system:

Proxima B would be our target system and it's around 4.22 ly away. Sending a spacecraft to this region would be a massive step for humanity in studying a brand-new star and a solar system is very different from our own. Currently there isn't much known about the solar system, whether it could support life or even if there could be something already inhabiting it.

There are already some projects dedicated to the funding of discovering planets in this system and potentially even a one-day sending spacecraft here. Considering traveling to the system would take a mammoth effort of technology, it could be hundreds of years before we make the attempt. Proxima B represents a distance that's 2000 times further than any other human made object is ever traveled before.

There are some small spacecraft and sensors that are being developed that could one day fly their way through this area of space. With current rocket technology however it would take humans almost 35,000 years to reach this location.

Traveling to another star is something that is a bit out of our reach currently but his engine technology and life support technology continues to improve, humanity is confident that we could one day reach our goal to travel to another star.