Interesting facts about stars!

They surround us and inspire pieces of great literature and art - everything from science fiction adventures to pieces of hopeless romanticism. But, there is a lot more about stars than their sparkling, eye-catching beauty.

Here are a few facts about stars that are sure to intrigue and delight:

Bigger and brighter than our sun

There are roughly 500 stars that are brighter than 4th magnitude, and we can basically see all of them without the help of telescopes. Of these 500 or so stars, nearly all of them are not only bigger, but brighter than our sun, too.

You’re not seeing millions of stars

Despite what poems, prose, and films have taught us, we are not seeing millions of stars on a dark night. There are not enough stars close enough, or bright enough for us to see that amount. Under the perfect circumstances, someone may be able to see 2,000-2,5000 stars at any given time.

Red for hot, blue for cool … right?

While our normal color schemes tend to tell us that red means hot and blue means cool, this is not the case when it comes to stars. When you see a star with a bluish glow, you can know that it is burning brighter and hotter than any red stars - which are the least hot stars.

No twinkling

While stars do appear to twinkle when we look up at them, this is not actually a property of the star, but one of the Earth’s atmosphere. As the light from the star passes through our atmosphere it makes its way through different layers of atmosphere with staggeringly different densities. This deflecting of the light is what gives off the twinkling appearance we have grown to associate with stars.