Shooting stars on demand?

Shooting stars are phenomena that is regularly celebrated when it occurs. Of course a shooting star is not actually a full blown star that is shooting out of the sky, but rather a piece of space debris that is burning up in the atmosphere as it makes its way to earth. These cosmic events can be quite beautiful especially when there is a meteor shower that can light up the night sky.

A brand-new company called ALE which is based out of Tokyo is teasing that they will be able to create meteor showers on demand. The company is developing a set of satellites which can release small balls from space into the atmosphere that will stimulate the look of a meteor shower.

The company is working in partnership with Japan's space agency and will be launching their first satellite in March of 2019. The company plans on producing a meteor shower over Hiroshima early in the year 2020.

The overall goal of the shooting stars on demand project is to have a worldwide audience that could ask for shooting stars on demand. These satellites could be delivered anywhere in the world and create a meteor shower overhead just as easily as we launch fireworks.

Every satellite is able to carry 400 tiny balls with a chemical formula that is designed to produce a bright glow as it enters through the atmosphere. Each satellite will have enough of the balls on board to produce 20 to 30 meteor showers. The chemical formula ensures that every ball can burn up over several seconds without posing a danger to the environment. The shooting stars would glow bright enough to ensure that even in polluted environments like Tokyo, millions could still see the event.

If you are ever out on a clear night watching for shooting stars, the process of finding them may soon get a lot easier!