What can be included on custom star map?

If you are thinking about getting a custom star map to mark a special occasion you may be wondering what you can actually do to customize your star map and separate it from some of the others that you might see online. There are a number of excellent customization touches that you can make for your star map such as:

A quote: adding a custom quote on the birth of a baby, on an important event or any other number of subjects could be a great way to symbolize the event that you are capturing on the star map. Choosing from a selection of famous quotes can help to make your star chart different from others.

The date in stylized text: sometimes a date can be one of the most important and impactful things that you could write. Writing the date at the bottom of your star chart could show that you have captured the stars at a time of an important anniversary or during a major life change.

A profile: a profile of someone’s face, a pet or a symbol at the bottom of your star map could symbolize what the subject matter is about. Having some type of low profile image could be a very impactful way that you could customize a star map.

Labels: you could label a variety of stars or planets based off of someone's astrological signs. If there is a particular place in the galaxy that is important to someone, you could label it in your star map alone to separate it from others.

Keep some of these items in mind if you are interested in creating a custom star map for a gift.